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Read this articleMuay Sangha India's First Seminar Bangalore 2010

Read about Kruu's trip to India here

Read this articleThe inner alchemy of Wudang Mountains - Experiencing the Ancient Chinese wisdom

Read about Kruu's trip to China here

Read this articleKalaripayat trip to Kerala - Exploring Ancient Indian Martial Arts

Read about Kruu's trip to India here

Read this articleBenefit seminars in Spain confirmed!! - Part of the earnings went to an Orphanage Foundation.

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Read this articleMuay Sangha and Bokator finally reunited - The beginning of a brotherhood

An article about Kruu Pedro's trip to Cambodia

Read this articleMuay Sangha School is moving to a better location.

Details of the Hang Dong School

Read this articleOpening Seminar in Spain - First free seminar on January 2007.

Note about Kruu Villalobos teaching in Spain, January 2007.

Read this articleKruu Villalobos on Thai TV Part II - The Occasion and Pictures.

Note about Kruu Villalobos on Thai TV, June 2006.

Read this articleBarbaroja Sor Sangha - a fight of courage - Lesson in Bravery.

Article about Dave Nolan's fight.

Read this articleJay Terrel made his proffesional debut - "Phra Lek Sor Sangha" first professional Muay Thai fight.

Read this articleKruu Villalobos follows the Wai Kruu tradition - Read about the 2006 Muay Chaiya Wai Kruu.

Read this articleBorja Diaz " Phu Kao Sor Sangha" - made his professional debut on Muay Thai.

Article about Borja Diaz professional debut on Muay Thai.

Read this articleMuay Sangha in search of the ancient religion - following the footprints of Lord Buddha.

Article about Kruu Villalobos jurney following Lord Buddha's footprints.

Read this articleTraining Muay Thai in Thailand - Experience of a professional Kick Boxer in Thailand.

Article wrote in the Argentina's best Martial Arts Magazine, April 2005.

Read this articleZDF Europeans biggest TV Channel visits Kruu Villalobos - Interview with a Student.

Read the story about a Kruu Villalobos Student at a ZDF show, January 2005.

Read this articleKruu Villalobos with the World Muay Thai Council - Muay Thai Show in Bangkok.

Read the story about Kruu Villalobos Muay Chaiya show, September 2004.

Read this articleKruu Villalobos on Thai TV - Dates, Times, Channels and Pictures.

Note about Kruu Villalobos on Thai TV, July 2004.

Read this article"The First Fight " - One student's path to the ring.

Article written by Kruu Villalobos exclusively for www.ancientmuaythai.com, May 2004.

Read this article"Rediscovering Muay Thai" - Everyone has a road to follow.

Article from "Citylife" magazine, published in December 2003.

Read this article"Muay Thai Boran - Ancient Muay Thai" - A noble art, or just a sport?

Article from "Siam Combat" magazine, published in September 2003.

Read this article"Muay Thai's Circle of Death" - Can you beat Muay Thai's famous circle of death?

Article from "Muay Thai" magazine, published in July 2002.

Read this article"Krabi-Krabong - The Mother of Muay Thai" - A Krabi-Krabong instructor describes his art and explains how it served as the progenitor of Muay Thai.

Article from "Black Belt" magazine, published in January 2002.

Read this article"Training with the Thai's" - Pedro Villalobos spent a year visiting and training in 45 of Thailand's finest Muay Thai boxing camp. Here is his report.

Article from "Inside Kung-Fu" magazine, published in April 2001.


Buy this book from Amazon.comThe Fighting Strategies of Muay Thai: Secrets of Thailand's Boxing Camps

Authored by Mark Van Schuyver and his partner in this project, Kru Pedro Villalobos, this book is a definitive work on Muay Thai strategies and tactics. A guide to total fight preparation.

Publisher: Paladin Press; (Sept 2002)
ISBN: 1581603584

Buy this book from Paladin-Press.comKrabi Krabong: Thailand's Art of Weapons Fighting

This book is a basic guide for everyone who wants to know the similarity between Muay Thai (Empty Hand System) and Krabi Krabong (Weapons System). It contains a brief history chapter, a primary weapons and modern fighting strategies and a captivating guide to the cultural and spiritual side of this historic martial art. 8 1/2 x 11, softcover, photos, 150 pp.

Publisher: Paladin Press; (April 2007)
ISBN: 978-1-58160-587-7


Muay Thai DeeMuay Thai Dee - great book about Ancient Styles of Siamese boxing

Muay Thai Dee is great book and contains lots of true information about the ancient styles and history of Siamese boxing.The author of this great book is our friend and beloved student Kruu Mongksan www.muaythaimonwak.com.
Note: Spanish language only

Publisher: Editorial Alas


Muay Thai The boxers of ThailandMuay Thai: The Boxers of Thailand

A documentary book exposing the lives of young men, who fight to make a better life for themselves and their families, while preserving one of the most important aspects of Thai culture.

Publisher: Jeremy Skaggs


Warrior Guards The MountainWarrior Guards the Mountain

Another great book from our friend and highly experienced martial artist Sifu Alex Kozma. In the book you will find deep knowledge about internal martial arts followed by very interesting interviews with 15 different masters in the old traditional schools of the Chinese, Japanese and South East Asian martial arts methods. This book features an interview with Kruu Villalobos.

To get a copy please contact: ancientwushu@ymail.com
The book is only in English