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Accommodations around the Muay Thai Sangha School

Around the school there are a large number of cheap, clean guesthouses. After a student passes the interview we will reveal the location of the school and the guesthouses. Thank-you for patience and understanding about the secrecy of our school location. This measure is in place to ensure the continuing quality and purity of our teachings.

We have a found a clean, quiet guesthouse five minutes walk from the school. For a room with Cable TV, AirCon, WiFi, Refrigerator, En-Suite bathroom with hot water, and access to a gym it costs 5000 THB per month. The guesthouse also ask for a deposit of 1500 THB which is returned at the end of your stay if you don't break anything!

Around the guesthouse Thai food is available everywhere often as cheap as 25 THB per dish. A bottle of water will cost 5 or 10 THB. You can rent a motorbike from the city centre for approximately 200 THB per day, 2500 THB per month. You can do your laundry at the guesthouse washing machines for 20 THB per load.

The school is 5km from Chiang Mai International Airport. In the Nong Kwai area.

If you want to know more about Chiang Mai please contact the Tourist Authority of Thailand or visit the private web site 1 Stop Chiang Mai.