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Sangha Healing a spiritual Martial arts community welcome to the path. please click here

A new muay Sangha school has opened in Jalisco Mexico under the guidance of Mix Martial Arts chanpion Kru Francisco Allon. For more information please visit www.muaysanghamexico.com

Muay Sangha has been featured In Ronin Magazine's April edition click here

Muay Sangha teachings are now available in London, England. For more information visit muaysangha.co.uk.


Spiritual Development Through Ancient Martial Arts

Muay Thai Sangka - Boxers show respect to each other

The aim of Muay Sangha training is to develop the positive aspects of human nature

The Giant rotates the Eart Movement

The greatest warrior is the one who conquers himself.

Expanding the Muay Sangha family

The Giant rotates the Eart Movement

Development of inner wisdom

The Giant rotates the Eart Movement

Opening the Muay Sangha circle

The Giant rotates the Eart Movement

The Giant rotates the Eart Movement

By pushing the body to it's limits, the Muay Sangha school teaches its' students to remain conscious in order to overcome the mind.