• Beihang University “Chinese-Business” International Student Education Project: Link China to the World
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Beihang University, which is short for Beihang, is located in cosmopolitan city—Beijing—the capital of China. Beijing gathers a large number of Chinese and international renowned universities and technology parks, but also attracts many international business companies to settle down here. Beijing is the heart of Chinese politics, economy, and culture, and it is also an international cultural exchanging and trading center. Here, gathering a large number of Chinese elite as well as world top talents. From time to time, as people pay attention to Beihang, you will find that a large number of international talents have been coming to Beihang, meanwhile, a large number of Beihang professionals have been working around the world.


As mentioned of Beihang, people will think of the Chinese J-10, J-20, Shenzhou six, Shenzhou seven. Well, when China’s manned spacecraft flied to the universe, all the overseas Chinese people felt proud of it! There is no doubt that these achievements embodied the efforts of Beihang people and greatly enhanced the visibility of Beihang University! However, Beihang acquired her reputation not only because of her leading aerospace technology in the world, but also the good reputation of social humanities sciences and education. In the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Beihang University, we offer programs of Chinese language and culture, economics, and administration. We have higher education researches institute and teaching researches institutes. Now there are more than 270 undergraduates, 300 graduates, 80 doctors, and school staff of 82 people which includes 19 professors and 37 associate professors. The School of Humanities and Social Sciences owns abundant teachers under optimum teaching conditions. Specially, according to the evaluating system of Chinese ministry of education organization, the public administration program of the school is ranked 12 among 60 participated Chinese colleges. Moreover, the school made great achievements in the field of personnel training. Under the tendency of globalization, more and more graduates from this school have been playing important roles in political and commercial workplaces around the world!


As entering the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Beihang University, you will be impressed by how hard the students study here. Besides China, the outstanding students of Beihang are from anywhere around the world, such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Africa, and European countries. In Beihang, international students and Chinese students become brothers and sisters. They respect each other, learning from each other, and mutually improving themselves in many ways in this comprehensive university. International students have been absorbing the Chinese language and Chinese traditional folk customs. In the meantime, they have been performing their unique and exotic cultures to Chinese students!


This distinctive international-student project in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences combines Chinese language skills and business knowledge. This "Chinese-business" education model made a global bridge for those young men who are interested in international politics, cultural exchanges and business activities. In addition, as long as you come to this school, you will be surrounded by variable Chinese cultures, absorbing knowledge of trading and managing international affairs and improving the ability to engage in international trades and political and cultural exchanges. And it is easier to grasp the pulse of the times, and to realize the relationship between China and other countries, and to pick up the forefront business trends of the world.


If you’re ready to come, choosing the ideal major attracted you. The major "Chinese language", which includes "business Chinese language" direction involving international business, combines Chinese language and culture, economics, international trade, marketing, and other business management knowledge. In the major of "economics" including the “international economy and business" direction, we offer courses of economics, international trade, international business administration, Chinese language, and Chinese culture. In the major "psychology" including "business psychology" direction, we supply core courses of psychology system, the basic skills of psychological counseling, economics, Chinese language, and Chinese culture. After a common sequence of psychological courses, the students in this major are supposed to improve their business and marketing ability in practical experiences, and to enhance their competitiveness in international commercial activities. The major "administrative management" including the "public policy" direction includes core courses of administrative management and public policy. Besides, students in this major are supposed to learn selective courses of Chinese language, Chinese politics, economics, and China’s cultural policies. With the solid foundation of commercial and foreign-affair knowledge, we believe that students in this major will improve their related practical skills as soon as they engage in commercial workplaces.


The graduates of the major of International business and the major of public administration have been highly demanded by the market in recent years. The curriculums of both of the majors are designed for international students who set their career direction to international business and affairs. After taking the required core courses and accumulating the professional knowledge in the field of business and government, students are supposed to select different types of elective courses based upon their preference. Taught by Professors, doctoral student mentors and international faculty composed of professional teaching team, students will immerse themselves into strong academic atmosphere. To establish an academic exchanging and learning platform for students, the school regularly organizes academic seminars and forums in related fields. Meanwhile, in order to let the students get closer to the real Chinese commercial environment and government affairs, and to make the Chinese corporate culture and operating mode of government understood in deeply, the school regularly arrange a series of social practice and research activities. We help students to improve the students' professional qualification and make them more competitive. And we also supply an international platform and set an international background for them. Settling in cosmopolitan city combining with the strong Chinese cultural atmosphere, we linked China to the world both for the construction of Chinese social economy and for the cultural exchanges between China and other countries.


In School of Humanities and Social Sciences, we offer programs that keep up with the pulse of the times taught by professional faculty and surrounded by academic atmosphere. The idea of running this school is “students-oriented". We provide the best services for students, and help them to develop comprehensively. After graduation, students could further their studies in this school. As long as you meet the qualification and complete your application, you can further your master degree in the relevant major in this school. Facing the vigorous development of international education and new challenges, in order to be more competitive, the school will accelerate the pace of internationalization and provide diversified education and trainings for international students. Moreover, we will keep enhancing cultural exchanges between China and the world.



School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Beihang University


Beihang University (BUAA or Beihang), create in 1952, formed by the merger of eight most famous universities in China's aviation department. It is China's first Aerospace Engineering University. Since established in 1952, Beihang has been focused by the Chinese government. It is one of the 16 top universities in China, and it is also in the first batch of 22 reconstructive universities in 1980s. Moreover, it is in the first entering list of the "985 Project" and "211 Project" in 2001, and it was selected to be the first batch of "2011 plan” national collaborative innovation center in 2013. After 60 years of construction and development, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics basically formed the core competitiveness as a researching university. Contrasting to other first-class universities, Beihang’s internal cohesion and international influence are significantly improved.


As a renowned university in China, Beihang University has advanced testing equipment and strong teaching faculty, and has more than 130 researching and teaching laboratories, including 7 National Key Laboratory and 25 provincial and ministerial level Key Laboratories . The school has formed "engineering advantages, solid science, fine arts" comprehensive development. Integration and interaction of the high level of developing trend has obvious in the field of aviation, aerospace, power, information, material, equipment, manufacture and management. The national defense science and technology major reached the domestic first-class level. The four majors: engineering, materials science, physics, and chemistry were selected into the ESI. The combination of “aeronautics, astronautics and informatics” is gradually become Beihang’s new features and core competitiveness.


Since 1990s of last century, Beihang has always adhered to use English to teach in all masters’ courses, doctoral programs, and part of the undergraduate curriculums. Since 1993, there have been more than 4000 international students from 50 different countries registered in Beihang University. More than 500 of international students are graduated students and doctoral students, and more than 300 of them got their master or PhD degrees. Through the implementation of "international brand plan", we built international exchanges and cooperation networking platforms for Beihang and formed the full range, multi-level and wide-ranging opening pattern. We also effectively enhanced the school's international influence and competitiveness. At present, the quantity of full-time students in Beihang is more than 22000, including more than 10000 graduated students. The school offers 48 undergraduate majors, 144 master degrees and 49 doctor degrees for international students.


The School of Humanities and Social Sciences was established in 1997. It was set up upon the foundation of the former Department of Social Sciences, the Higher Education Research Institute and Institute of law. In December 1983, according to the assumption of constructing a comprehensive university combining "science, industry, trade and culture”, the Department of Social Science has been established to substitute the political researches center. In 1985, for the first time setting up the major of ideological and political education and the major of administrative management for undergraduate professional, the Ministry of Social Sciences officially renamed as Department of Social Sciences. In 1997, based on the combination of former Department of Social Sciences and the higher education researches center, the legal researching and legal advisory office was placed under the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. In 2001, the law school was established separately. In 2002, in order to adapt to the development of the school’s management, the Institute set up the Institute of Public Administration. In the past decade, the school seized the strategic opportunity of Beihang to vigorously develop the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, transforming from an initial political department to a domestic impressive researching school.


At present, the school offers first-class PHD programs of public decision-making and emergency management and second-class generalized virtual economy, and master degrees of public administration, economics, psychology and Chinese language. There are 75 full-time staffs which include 19 professors, 37 associate professor, 10 supervisor of doctoral students, more than 50 master tutors and 8 part-time doctoral tutors, and more than 60% have a doctorate among them. More than 40 teachers have overseas studying experiences and visiting scholars experiences. There are four people selected for New Century Excellent Talents in University of Ministry of education support program, three people awarded blue sky school scholars, one team selected as the Lantian school team, one professor employed as the National Laboratory's chief scientist, two professors was hired as the Teaching Guiding Committee of the Ministry of education, and one professor was hired as the master of Public Administration (MPA) Education Steering Committee members.


The School adheres to the "high-quality compound talents" training objectives, in accordance with the policy of "Arts and compatible, broaden the base, strengthening ability, focusing on the application”. Setting promoting people's all-round development as the core, emphasizing on combination of financial knowledge and scientific researches, paying attention to student comprehensive development, training to adapt to the variable demands of social political, economic and cultural development, school dedicates to cultivate comprehensively high-level talents both in psychological and physical with solid foundation of knowledge. So far, the school has delivered nearly 3000 graduates to the country, and has become an important force in the national economic, social and cultural development.


At present, the School has formed their academic advantage in the field of generalized virtual economy, public decision-making and emergency management, policy innovation and technology management, national security strategy and management, higher education evaluation and management research. Moreover, the school gradually builds up a certain influential academic research team in generalized virtual economy, higher education, security and emergency management, and international strategies researches. Setting "focus, give attention to the whole" as principle, emphasizing on the key points of the construction of the characteristics and advantages of the subject, the school offers distinctive majors in subject of many categories which cover a wide range of distribution characteristics. Besides all above, the achievements of the school include a quantity of nearly 200 million yuan research funding in the period of "Eleventh Five Year", 1 approved important fund projects and 9 major project, 3 awards for scientific researches in the national and provincial level, 1 national defense science and Technology Progress Award (first prize), and the increasing number of published papers in core journals. In addition, the school actively has been carring out academic cooperation and cultural exchanges both in China and abroad, hosting a high level of national academic conferences and participating in international academic exchanges and international cooperation. And the effect is obvious.


In recent years, keeping the pace of constructing a high level multidisciplinary university, Beihang University enhanced infrastructural construction of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Now the library of the school has affluent books in social science and management science fields. And the Beihang University is near to the Zhongguancun High Tech Park. it is convenient for international students to live in this beautiful campus with convenient transportation and complete facilities. With the innovating spirit, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences dedicates to supply high-quality education and training for international students and improves comprehensively scientific researching abilities.


All in all, we are so excited to welcome you to further your education in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences!



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