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Photo: Muay Thai Warrior PrayingText: Muay Thai Warriors Code - Humbleness, Respect and Dedication


Making Merit

Merit or constructive karma (positive actions) will influence the conditions of our life.

While I was a monk, my superior monk explained to me different ways to build merit.

1. Good Actions Towards Others

The first way is to do good actions; help people, share with people about spirituality, give donations, or even give your time or effort.

2. Good Actions Towards Ourselves

The second way is to live a moderate, active and healthy life. Observing certain precepts can enable us to progress on our spiritual journey.

  1. Abstention from causing the falling away of life of living beings;
  2. Abstention from taking that which is not given;
  3. Moderation in ejaculation due to the loss of energy. The best option, if possible, is to reduce the number of ejaculations per month to see if celibacy can be achieved.
  4. Abstention from harmful speech - lying, cheating or speaking badly of others behind their backs.
  5. Abstention from consuming intoxicants for personal enjoyment.
  6. Abstention from eating excessively
  7. Abstention from excessive entertainment activities
  8. Abstention from excessive vanity.
  9. Abstention from sleeping on a high or large (luxurious) bed.

3. Self-Awareness (Meditation)

The third way to make merit is through meditation which is also the most powerul of the three.

Meditation is 90% practise; you don't necessarily need to know a lot about meditation, you just need to practise and experiment.

Many years ago, Thai warriors became monks so they could repay the damage they had inflicted during battle. With their vision, knowledge and experience, these warriors helped to create the art of Muay Thai.

Around the world there are at least 40 different methods of meditation, and meditation can help anybody, regardless of background. The meditation that I teach differs in each situation but is more easily categorized as either "moving meditation" or "still meditation".

Still Meditation

"Still meditation" is performed after the training session has finished. Every member of the class participates, and this practise helps each student to relax, and to retain and guard the energy that is created during the training session. The main objective of this meditation is to increase awareness of oneself until the next training session the following day.

Moving Meditation

"Moving meditation" is performed while we are training. The technique involves keeping attention at the centre of the heart whilst training hard; shadow boxing, doing bag work, even during sparring. By pointing our focus inside ourselves, we increase our awareness, and with this increased awareness we can correct our mistakes much faster. This focus also helps us to keep calm whilst sparring; if we get hit or we feel nervous, continued practise of this "moving mediation" will help us to deal with the situation, improving control of ourselves and making it easier to remain calm. Our energy levels are also improved, as is our behaviour and all the while we are "making merit", helping us to become better people.