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Photo: Muay Boran BoxersText: The best revenge is no revenge


Student Activity Program

Muay Sangha builds martial artists with good ethics and spirit

Muay Sangha school is developing a monthly program to encourage students to embrace our philosophy not just with words but also with actions. Among many activities the program focuses mainly on doing good actions towards others. This program is optional and we do not press any student to follow it.

Every Tuesday Muay Sangha students meet at 6 am by the front door of the school. From there we travel to the Suandok temple area where we offer vegetarian food to the monks, in exchange the monks will give us their blessings. “Giving is receiving” and this is a good opportunity to learn that the more that we give the more that we receive; Also when we offer food to the monks we will cultivate a pure heart and detachment from material things.

Giving alms 1 Giving alms 2

The second activity that the Muay Sangha students practice is to clean a different temple once a month. Normally we choose the Full Moon (Buddha day) because at this time Lord Buddha was born, enlightened and passed away, also on this day we don’t have class. This activity will teach us how to make good actions and how to purify our mind. Our main goal is to help our students to develop positive wisdom. “A better world starts with our good actions first”

Cleaning the temple 1 Cleaning the temple 2

Cleaning up the waterfall at Doi Suthep After giving alms the monks gave us books of Buddhist Teachings

Cleaning up at Doi Suthep More cleaning at Doi Suthep

Welcome to Muay Sangha school, where every human is welcome to train hard and to do good actions by helping others

The third activity is that every New Moon (Buddha Day) Muay Sangha students go the local market, buy live fish, eels, turtles or any live aquatic animal. We then go to the Ping River and release them. This action teaches the students how to repay the karma generated by eating animals.

Buying fish and other animals at the market

Preparing to release then animals The release

At Christmas time the Muay Sangha School visit different Orphanages. The students bring food, toys and snacks to give to the children, spend the day with them and bring happiness.

Christmas Christmas

Christmas Christmas


There is no better gift than the happiness of these children.