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Photo: Muay Thai Warrior PrayingText: Muay Thai Warriors Code - Humbleness, Respect and Dedication

Muay Thai Sangha System

The Muay Sangha Philosophy

As humans we have tremendous potential to reach a higher degree of understanding.

Through straight understanding and continuous practice we can achieve a deeper awareness of the inner self.

The Muay Sangha School has developed a system of martial arts training based on South East Asian methods in which the positive aspects of humans are brought out.

We do not concentrate on fighting and it is only a small part of our curriculum. If a student wants to fight and is physically and mentally ready he can enter the ring a number of times until he has understood how to work with his own ego, anger and fear.

Advice For Training the Body

To live Humbly and with Respect (not to kill, not to lie and not steal) to learn not to judge others and to understand that we are all part of the same thing.

To Live with Determination so in weak moments we don’t give up our training.

To live with Generosity doing constructive actions prepares the soul for the internal path.

Advice For Refining the Mind

Meditation helps us to better understand how to work with our emotions and how to calm the mind.

At this stage some fighting may be used to put the student under high pressure and teach him how to breathe and how to be calm.

Our approach is not based on a secret formula in which the student will become calm just before entering the ring. Instead it is based on a way of life grounded in mediation, this will create awareness. Awareness is the main tool that teaches us how to observe the mind and the result of our actions.

Mental training is the path of the internal warrior. This means that the student gives up the idea of fighting against anyone and concentrates on finding his True Self.

Advice For Developing the Spirit

To live in moderation using and consuming only what we truly need. To avoid entertainment events and intoxicants

To practice sexual abstention, bringing ejaculation to the minimum (chastity if is possible).


On this day

This servant would like to express

His most sincere gratitude

for everything that he has received

and for everything that he has not

in this eternally changing Universe

Today this servant will be conscious of

his actions, his speech, his thoughts and his emotions

choosing always a constructive path for the soul

All being One, teach this servant to live in moderation and harmony

for the good of all