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Photo: Famous Thai King Pra TaksinText: A good teacher helps his students to exceed his own abilities

Authorized Teachers


This is a list of all the Instructors of the Muay Thai Sangha style in the world.

Our school believes that becoming an instructor means the body and the mind are ready to start a new journey of learning on the Martial Arts path.


Marco "Nam Saksit Sangha" Merlo

Born in Madrid, Spain. on a Monday

Occupation: Muay Sangha Instructor.

Professional Fighting Experience: Muay Thai

Residence: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Marco says: "Internal and external growth require dedication, determination and sacrifice. The greatest battle is within. Inner understanding is the path to true freedom."

Contact information : www.muaysangha.com

Kruu Marco has spent the last few years training in Thailand under the guidance of Kruu Kanon.

He was the first student to fully complete the entire Muay Sangha system and is now the Head Instructor of the Muay Sangha School in Thailand.

Marco was chosen because of his refined skills, teaching ability, fighting experience and humbleness.


Jay "Phra Lek Saksit Sangha" Terrell

Born in Cornwall, South-West England on a Friday.

Occupation: Boat Builder.

Professional Fighting Experience: Muay Thai

Residence: London, England

Jay says: "life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans"

Contact information : www.muaysangha.co.uk

Ivan "Grasshopper Saksit Sangha" Davo

Born in Gerona, Spain on a Tuesday

Occupation: Car Painter

Professional Fighting Experience: Karate Kyokushinkai, Muay Thai, K-1

Residence: Alicante, Spain

Ivan says: "Se tu el cambio que desees ver en el mundo" (be the change you wish to see in the world)

Contact information : zazo_tau@hotmail.com

Jaume "Phu Phichit Saksit Sangha" Canto

Born in Valencia, Spain 1974 on a Saturday.

Residence: Valencia, Spain.

Fighting experience: taekwondo, kick boxing

Jaume says: "Our true home is now, living in the present moment is a miracle"....

Contact information :

muaysanghavalencia@hotmail.com , www.facebook.com/muaysanghavalencia

Francisco "Suua Saksit Sangha" Ayon

Born in Mexico

Occupation: Muay Sangha Instructor

Professional Fighting Experience: Muay Thai, MMA

Residence: Guadalajara, Mexico

Francisco says: "The result of the spirit is love, happiness, peace, patience, humbleness, humility, and self-control"

Contact information :


Maxim "Fai Saksit Sangha" Gauthier

Born in Montreal, Canada on a Tuesday.

Occupation: Roofer.

Professional Fighting Experience: Muay Thai, Grappling

Residence: Montreal, Canada

Mini says: "Hard work over time to accomplish skills. Learn the form, but seek the formless. Hear the soundless. Learn it all, then forget it all. Learn the way, then find your own way. Nothing is softer than water... yet it can overcome rock. It does not fight, it flows around the opponent. Formless, nameless, the true master dwells within. Only you can free him."

Aaron Arunoto Musashi Garcia

Born in Leon, Spain on a Sunday

Occupation: Muay Sangha Instructor.

Fighting Experience: Muay thai, K-1, kick-boxing.

Residence: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Aaron says: "Da lo mejor de tu habilidad en cada cosa que hagas, sin ponerte limites, sin dejarte dominar por el miedo o las dudas, con coraje, con determinacion, de este modo nunca tendras arrepentimientos y podras disfrutar de una vida plena y llena de satisfaccion."

"Give the best of your ability in everything you do, do not put limits, do not be dominated by fear or doubts, overcome them with courage, and determination. You will have no regrets and you can enjoy a full life, full of satisfaction."

Contact information: aaron.agc@gmail.com

Tekano "Black Katana" Maarohanye

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa on a Sunday

Occupation: Muay Sangha Instructor

Fighting Experience: Muay Thai

Residence: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Tekano says "Love, Peace and Happiness"

Contact information: teeksgp@gmail.com

Benjamin "Panda" Lee

Born in New York City, USA on a Saturday

Occupation: Student.

Residence: London, UK

Benjamin says "Who we are in the past does not dictate who we become, we have the ability to change if we so choose to."

contact information: Benphotog89@gmail.com

James "Din Saksit Sor Sangha" Daniel Manning

Born in New Jersey, USA on a Friday

Occupation: Mechanic

Martial Arts Experience: Orthodox Wudang Style

Residence:Hubei, China

James says "The virtuous warriors of ancient times were subtle, mysterious, profound, responsive. Their knowledge unfathomably deep. Because it is unfathomable, All we can do is describe their appearance. Cautious, like men crossing a winter stream. Irresolute, like men in danger. Humble, like visiting guests. Yielding, like ice about to melt. Simple, like uncarved wood. Vacant, like valleys. Opaque, like muddy water. Who can wait quietly for the mud to settle? Who can be still until the beginning of motion? Observers of the Way do not seek fulfillment. Not seeking fulfillment, separated from desire, they're made anew."

Contact information:jdanielmanning@gmail.com