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Photo: Famous Thai King Pra TaksinText: A good teacher helps his students to exceed his own abilities



Kru Pedro S. Villalobos

"Life is what it is..."


"Be flexible but constant in your practice"


"Muay Sangha works for me but may not work for you. Absorb the concepts and adapt them into your body until you can better understand your own possibilities"


Kru Pedro Biography

Pedro Villalobos has been studying martial arts for most of his life. When he was 6 years old, he started training in Judo, and since then he has studied a number of different arts.

He first started to learn Muay Thai in Spain when he was 17 years old and fought a number of times. He then moved to the USA some years later, age 24, and continued his Muay Thai training under Ajarn Surachai Sirusute for nearly 6 years. At the same time he began learning Wing Chun, taught by Sifu Francis Fong, again for nearly 6 years.

During his time in the USA, He was also privileged to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and spent a varying amount of time learning from people like the Machado brothers, Royce Gracie, Eddie Camden, Jacare Cavalcante, Ricardo Murgel, along with Shoot Wrestling Champion Eric Paulson. All this happened over a period of nearly 4 years.

During this time he continued to fight professionally in Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts. After winning the U.S.A. Professional ISKA Middleweight title, and S.F.O. (Submission Fighting Open) Lightweight title a number of times as an undefeated fighter, he decided to train in Thailand.

Living in Thailand, he trained in Sport Muay Thai, visiting some 45 camps in Thailand over a period of 12 months, experiencing and learning the many and varied styles of the art. He fought several times in stadiums such as Ratchadamnoem in Bangkok and Chaweng in Koh Samui. Following that he spent 6 months learning Krabi-Krabong at the Buddhai Swan Institute of Swordsmanship with the Mesamarn family.

It was at this point that he returned to the USA to open the Thailand Arts Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. At that time he continued to fight professionally whilst teaching some 70 students at the institute.

Pedro finally moved to Thailand permanently in 2002. At this time he decided to became a monk to cleanse the bad karma he had accumulated from fighting and damaging people.

Following his period in the monkhood he studied Ancient Muay Thai, specifically the Chaiya-style, with Ajarn Lek (Kridakorn Sodprasert) in Bangkok. Then he fought again, once in Lao against the Lao Muay Thai champion, and another three times in Thailand, winning all of these fights by knockout. After this he decided to move away from the competitive arena and dedicate himself to achieving a greater level of understanding of Ancient Muay Thai.

He moved to Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand and opened the Muay Thai Sangha school. Through continual development, meditation and help from other teachers a new style of Muay Thai began to evolve, we call it Muay Sangha.

When the School was settled Kruu Villalobos travelled in a clockwise direction North, East, South and West from Thailand. He visited Cambodia, Indonesia, India and China learning the traditional ancient martial arts of each country. He studied the training methods, philosophies, and strategies of each style and has incorporated the useful elements of them into the Muay Sangha system.

Through the years these are some of his more important achievements;

Kruu Pedro decided to stop fighting in 2004.

After finishing the Muay Sangha system he is now moving to the mountains of Northern Thailand where he will continue practicing internal martial arts for healing.